Anthropology and Human Rights

The students of the Anthropology and Human Rights class at San Francisco State University, mentored by Dr. Mariana Leal Ferreira, explore the ideas and questions that surround the advancement and defense of human rights around the world from an anthropological perspective, drawing social, political, and historical connections.

Our aims include thinking critically about human rights - seeing them not as a given category, but as a set of conceptual frameworks through which political claims are made and socio-political transitions are accomplished. We consider the ways in which human rights are constituted as both a transnational discourse and a field of action, with the larger goal of understanding what contemporary human rights activism can tell us about the constraints and possibilities of political process and agency in late modernity.

News & Events

10th Annual SFSU Human Rights Summit: Social and Economic Justice Now!

When: April 23, 24 and 25, 2013
Where: Jack Adams Hall, Cesar Chavez Student Center, San Francisco State University

What: Tuesday, 9:30 am April 23rd 2013  Opening Keynote: San Francisco State University President Les Wong


11:00 am  Panel 1: Invisible Boundaries: Systemic oppression of immigrants and refugees

12:00        Panel 2: Dialouge on Justice

 2:00 pm   Panel 3: Organizing for Sexual and Reproductive Justice

 3:30 pm   Panel 4: Quality and Equality in Education

 5:30 pm   Panel 5: Prisons & Social Justice:  Alliance for CHANGE


Wednesday April 24th 2013

 9:30 am   Panel 6: Indigenous Peoples' Rights

11:00 am  Panel 7: Acting for Indigenous Rights/Multi-media and Activism: the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenoous Peoples

12:30        Panel 8: American Indian Studies Student Panel

 2:00 pm   Panel 9: Impacts of Western Development: Environmental Justice for the Winnemem Wintu

 4:00 pm   American Indian Film Festival


April 25th 2013

 9:30 am   Panel 10: Social and Economic Justice: From Africa to the Americas

11:00 am  Panel 11: Sex Trafficking in the Philipines: Bridging Program Evaluation & Intelligence Gathering

12:00        Panel 12:  Invisible Chains: Addressing the Growing Problem of Human Trafficking

  2:00 pm  Panel 13:  Domestic Sex Trafficking:  A Workshop

  5:00 pm  Closing Reception: Right to Good Health Mural, Human Rights 360 and MNHC.

Event Details:  Keynote Speakers, Panels, Films, Music, Art and Performances.

This is a *FREE EVENT* !!!

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